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Pillow Talk youtube video Ken and Lynn from The Awesome Cuddle Spoons!

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Jaws Video, drag your feet.

AJ Kotlewski Omgoosssshhh.... I love them! Can’t wait to use them with my special guy! Thank you Ken!!!!

dominicpaola Yeah never saw those spoons before, really like them!

Ang Smooch Great!
Anna Rose Redlich These spoons are so cute and easy to use. I have arthritis and they are easy to hold.
Nick Meshes Cuddle Spoons are a fun affirmation of life through whimsical, well-designed dessert spoons.
Kristy Enk Very neat product. Awesome gift idea. Would suggest to family and friends
Debbie Durbin These are awesome spoons for children learning to use utensils, the elderly and handicapped persons who have trouble eating by themselves. I actually saw a young girl with cruppled hands actually use a cuddle spoon to feed herself for the first time in a long time and now she can feed herself. They make awesome gifts for newlyweds and you can purchase singles as gifts for young children. They are also great to use just for fun.
Kelly Hood These spoons are good for the old and the young. Excellent for keeping the spoon steady in the way it has its curve. Not just for dessert!
Brian Francis Love, love, love my Cuddle Spoons
Josh Lazo The Grand kids love them!