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Hello my name is Ken Vantroba, I’m the creator of “Cuddles”. Cuddles are a “Gift” that I developed from my own life, BUT they are for You & Your Special Person. See, the first 26 years of my life I lived a normal-body, independent, well-directed, happy life. Then on December 11th of 1988 I had a serve vascular attack which left me disabled and totally dependent on other people to care for me. From my experience of living a life from two different perspectives I clearly understand the value of not taking your life for granted.
Like I said Cuddles are a gift for you to share with your special person, to have Fun, be Happy and create your own Priceless Memories with them. NOT for any of you to think about my mishap. Even though my "CUDDLES" were developed for young adults in mind they have been appreciated and helpful to many other buyers for other reasons from a Feeding/Eating/Teaching Aide for infant children to the Elderly Family members with Arthritis, Hand Strength issues or Motor Control Skills. 

Ken Vantroba
Cuddle Spoons - with Feelings
2400 French Place
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1. What are Cuddle Spoons?

I have one simple answer for you: They are Quality made Dessert SPOONS, BUT these spoons where created from my own life experience.
Cuddles are a very creative & meaningful Keepsake Gift. Some people might categorize them as a Novelty/Gag item because they are so much Fun and very affordable. The handle of the spoon is a Figured of a Man or Women. This is the only Dessert Spoons Gift that can’t keep from cuddling with each other every moment of the day. They are approx. 7 inches in total length and the handle (Man or Women) is 4 ½ inches long. The handle is made from a strong and durable plastic that is designed with warm attractive colors & themes for their entities and clothing. The spoon/scoop is made from a high quality stainless steel that extends 2 ½ inches from the handles end.
Memories are priceless so no expense was spared in making these spoons.
2. Great for ALL occasions:

All Relationships, Just Because I Love you, Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day, Anniversaries, First Date, Any Date, Good Friends, Ice Cream Fun, Dessert Parties, Birthday’s, wedding gift, mother's day, Bachelor Party gift, Stocking Stuffers, Grab Bag, Spoon Collectors, General Novelty Gift, and More. Do you really need a reason to give that special Person a Gift?
3. Description & How I thought up the idea:

Spooning, Spoons that are filled with Fun, Happiness, and Memories that will last forever - They come in 3 Styles to fit your personality.
It came to my mind just thinking about how nice it would be to cuddle all day long with the person that I care about. If you had experience the same life changing event that I had, you will understand my thoughts & feelings behind my CUDDLE Spoons.
* Many people have asked me "What category would I put them in?" I would say First: "Reality" (my life), then I would say a "Fun Keepsake" Gift. A Gift on one hand that reminds you how precious your Memories are with that special person; but on the other hand, creates Fun & Happiness that will last forever. Every time you see these Cuddle Spoons you will always think back to those Memories.
4. How did they get their name?

The 2 most important things that I enjoyed in my life where:
1. Cuddling with that Special Person.
2. Eating Sweet Dessert Treats.
* So I combined my 2 favorite enjoyments in life to make the Ultimate gift for all of us to enjoy.

Stars & Stripes
My CUDDLES Display
Stars & Stripes
Pink & Blue
Rainbow Free
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