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Meet Ken - My First Cuddle Spoon Display


Hi I'm Ken... Thanks for stopping by, I really hope that you enjoy my Cuddle Spoons. Please tell all your friends to stop by and visit me.  

* I was born in Chicago Illinois in 1962.
* I graduated from Prosser Voc. High School in 1981.
* December 11th 1988 is when I became Disabled.

From 1989 thur 1993 are Dazzed & Confused years

I ask... "Why did this happen to me?"
My Life in the wheelchair

* In 1994-95 Attend Wright Jr. College - Chicago Ill.
* In 1995-98 Graduated from Triton Community College - River Grove Ill.
* In 1999 Attend North Central College - Naperville Ill.

* 2001 Wrote, Illustrated, Self-Published Children's Book for Dog Rescue. "My Book"
* In 2000-2002 Graduated from Westwood College - Woodrigde Ill.

From 2003 thur 2013 are Empty Years

This has been a long and difficult road to travel, I would never wish this on my worse enemy. Thanks to ALL my good friends, without your support I don't know how I can make this trip. Thanks again


For the people who don't know me personally. I always been a challege driven person, there isn't an obstacle that I can't handle; only these days it takes longer. Creating the Cuddle Spoons has been a real adventure for me, I spent many-many months / days / and hours of serious attention to them. I'm sure that I couldn't had done this if I never had a stroke, I am proud of myself for getting to this point. I proved to myself that no matter my physical condition; with a little determination and will power, I can always hold my head up high. Once I realize how important Cuddle Spoons meant to me and now mean for you, I didn't want to cut any corners just to make a buck. I used high quality stainless steel for the dessert spoons and ABS Material for the plastic handle (not cheap recycled materials). I wanted to give Cuddles a special home, so I spent more time in designing a very unique packaging for Them. ... There isn't anything else that I could do for you. The hard work has been done, now it's up to you to make something out of them - remember to Cuddle On.

September 2014 - because of a large portion of my Health Care Benefits being cut I was forced to move. Now I am living in Baytown Texas, that is just miles East of Houston.