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Meet Ken, inventor/creator of Cuddle Spoon. My first Trade Show Display.

My first Trade Show display for my cuddling couples, Cuddle Spoons.

Thanks for visiting Cuddle Spoons, I'm Ken the inventor/creator of Cuddle Spoons and a victim of a severe stroke. I survived; since 1988, but unfortunately I’m still physically and totally disabled. My healthy-body to living disabled inspired me to design this special gift for you all to enjoy. After years of seeing how unpredictable & precious life really is, I needed to share my life experience in a fun non verbal way. So I designed a simple gift for two and added a special twist for you and yours to figure out on your own. Some people will just see the 2 cute  spoons cuddling and having a good time but others will see the true message: life is precious, enjoy every moment you can, don't take life for granted and to share it with that special person.

Putting a custom logo on every Cuddle Spoon.I personally put the T-Shirt logo on every spoon - Cuddle Me! 

 Check Out our 3 amazing sets, other SKUs available: 
*Stars & Stripes - Military, Law Enforcement, True Americans Favorite.
*Pink & Blue - People who like to relax, Soft/Gentle/Caring Relationship Favorite.
*Rainbow Free - Colorful People, Rainbow love, LGBTQ Favorite.
*Box of Romance - 7 Fun Gifts & Game for a Night of Romantic Memories.
*Cuddle Spoons with the drop proof wrist cord - Eating Aid for Disabled (Disabitities), Elderly and Children *Rahab/Exercising Approved. 
The Best Spoon Design - Eating Aid Blog Page.

Able-Body Life History:

* I was born in Chicago Illinois in 1962.

* I graduated from Prosser Voc. High School in 1981.

* December 11th 1988 is when I became Disabled.

From 1989 thur 1993 are Dazzed & Confused years

I ask... "Why did this happen to me?"


My Life in the wheelchair

* In 1994-95 Attend Wright Jr. College - Chicago Ill.
* In 1995-98 Graduated from Triton Community College - River Grove Ill.
* In 1999 Attend North Central College - Naperville Ill.

* 2001 Wrote, Illustrated, Self-Published Children's Book for Dog Rescue. "My Book"
* In 2000-2002 Graduated from Westwood College - Woodrigde Ill.

From 2003 thur 2013 are Empty Years 

The Beginning of 2014 is when my Cuddle Spoons idea came to life.

* September of 2015 is when I recieved my first 10,000 set ordered.


This has been a long and difficult road to travel, but I always remain positive.  I'd like to Thank my family and good friends for all your support!

*For the people who don't know me personally I have always been a Go Getter! 

Creating my Cuddle Spoons has been a real adventure. Now that I over came that challege it's my dream to share my caring message with The Entire World, Please Help Me!

Experience the Joy and Happiness my Cuddle Spoons will bring you and your special preson. Share these preious spoons with all of your friends -  Feel the power of CUDDLES!

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