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Rhett Lillard- They're super cute! Thank, Love them! 
Jamie Johnson - I’m a firm believer in Kens Cuddle Spoons product! He has truly helped my very dear friend, who has Parkinson’s disease. His spoons have tremendously helped him to regain control of his eating without spilling! His spoons are amazing!!!!
Marcy Oktavec - I gave a set to my sister and her partner. They absolutely love them.
Wesleigh Rushing - I really recommend cuddle spoons. The creator & owner's passion is quite literally remarkable in regards to custom sentiments for collectors. I've heard others speak on it myself and find them truly unique.
Jules BrandowJust wanted to tell you my husband John loves his spoons !! We are recommending them to a lot of people, thank you again and God Bless You Both 🌷
Karen Moreau These spoons are great. My grandkids really enjoy using theirs and they work well for those with arthritis.
De Dockery Guggenheim - 🎄  CuddleSpoons make great Christmas gifts & also a great wedding gift - please check out the Cuddle Spoon FB page❣️
Kellner Marilyn - They love them. Thank you     
Darlene Cox-Wiget - I received my set of cuddle spoons and I am so pleased with them. They are so cute — AND easy to hold, even with my arthritis !! Thank you so much. I think they’ll make great gifts for Christmas
Jeni Hawkins I fell in love with these Cuddle Spoons when I saw them on the website. They are absolutely adorable and really well crafted. Not only are they cute and obviously useful, they are great for kids learning to use utensils, and disabled folks to help with control. Very clever and unique - these make a great gift! I'm really impressed with them and LOVE the different options for the cuddlers pajamas, too
Cat Tenety I love love love these! I am about to order two more sets one as a gift and one for my daughter and her boyfriend! These are so adorable!! I hope ken you can make not only people, but I love my dogs and cats!!! Cuddle and snuggle!!! You guys and girls share the love and get your set or two!!! They make great Christmas stocking stuffers too!!!! Buy the ice cream or yougurt anything you eat together and you each get your spoon!! ❤️💜😘😇🎉🎊🌟
Love SammyBear Love Them!
Such an awesome concept, not to mention how amazing that the creator is handicapped and has designed and created such a neat idea what an inspiration this can be for so many.... I would love to see something like this used for those who might not be able to feed themselves anymore or for someone who may have suffered a tragedy this would definitely be an inspiration to them..... Thumbs up to the creator as well for his contributions to different causes to help animals......
I was fortunate to meet the designer at our event and they ...These are the cuties spoons ever and can be used for so many different gift ideas. I was fortunate to meet the designer at our event and they are wonderful people.
Great gift I bought 4 sets for the grandkids they love the spoons now there even eatting more food great to no a handicap person made these spoons
Cuddle spoons!! Innovative! Buy one for your lesbian Auntie!! Or your gay Dad and his husband!!I never dreamed, at age 63, that I would be buying gay, chatchke on something called...'the internet'!! haha These are priceless, adorable and caused me to download a picture w/my review..something I've never done before! Love the spooning, patriotic ladies ;-)))
Love my spoons... Bought 3 sets and everyone I gave a set to loved them as well. Fits perfect in your hand.
Lou Sisk I purchased these spoons as stocking stuffers for my grandkids and they absolutely love them. They're great for ice cream and soups as well... it's kind of an easy way to get them to eat. They really enjoy these spoons!

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