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I; Kenneth Vantroba, am a stroke survivor since 1988. I overcame many challenges and obstacles in this life but unfortunately I’m still physically and totally disabled. I created and designed an Extremely Fun and Meaningful gift for you and the special person in your life; from my life changing injury. I promise my Cuddle Spoons will create your ever lasting memories with that special person.

Couples Spooning Sets are One of a Kind, Totally Original and everyone Loves Them! They are only Sold though me - Cuddle Spoons. Great for All and Any Occasion *Couples Relationships, Party Gifts, Weddings, Anniversaries, even Christmas Stocking Stuffer. Lets not forget about our Dessert / Ice Cream Lovers - PLUS is The Perfect Adaptive Eating Aid for the Disabled, Children and Elderly - LGBT Friendly!

Cuddle Spoons are AFFORDABLE and WELL MADE with quality materials. Cuddles - Couples Spooning sets are a Stainless Steel spoon scoop + arm molded into a hard USB plastic, semi-hand painted body, approx size is 7 1/8 inches long. They are also very easy to gasp, grip, hold, lightweight - well balanced and fit in small to adult sized hands. That is why there’s no wrong way to hold my Cuddle Spoons. The person who is receiving them doesn’t need to be a child learning how to hold a utensil or disabled or arthritic but if they are – you just gave them the PERFECT GIFT!
Cuddle Spoons has been in business since 2014 and has a perfect relationship with all of our past customers. We currently have three sets of Cuddles available – Veterans and First Respondents admire the Stars and Stripes. The LGBT community and Rainbow Lovers adore the Rainbow Free Sets, and EVERYONE loves the Pink & Blue sets. Choose a set or several, and we’ll ship them immediately, from Baytown, Texas!
* Custom Decals are available. CUDDLE ON!

How did they get their name?

The 2 most important things that I enjoyed in my life where:

1. Cuddling/Spooning with that Special Person.
2. Eating Sweet Dessert Treats.

* So I combined my 2 favorite enjoyments in life to make the Ultimate gift for all of us to enjoy.


CUDDLES Points:  Anna the social media product influencer.

The length of each spoon is approximately 7 1/8 inches long. Made with quality materials: USB Plastic & Mirror Polished Stainless Steel.

  • One of a Kind - Unique - Totally Original - Mix-Match Male/Male & Female/Female *Custom Decals Available are - Heart Me, Heart You, I Heart You, Just Married, PRIDE, Hold Me, Squeeze Me, Boy/Girl Feed Me.
  • Custom Design Packaging / Keepsake Gift Box to Date your Memories - Some Examples are: Gifts for Couples Bachelorettes & Bachelor, Any Party,  party, Weddings, Anniversary, Relationships, Dates, etc.- Pink & Blue Dessert / Ice Cream Lovers!
  • Great Flatware / Eating Aid for Teaching * Rehabilitation - Arm & Hand Control, Arthritis, Multiple sclerosis (MS), Stroke recovery, etc.
  • Quality Materials - Stainless Steel & USB Plastic *Spoons are Shiny, Thick metal, Not Cheap or Bendable, Durable - Light Weight - Comfortable Shape - Well Balanced.
  • *Dishwasher Safe! *Same Day Shipping! *SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!
The Spooning Couples Gift Box - Packaging is very important for your Cuddle Spoons, this is where you Date & Keep all your precious Memories a live. A Clear Protection Cover will be placed on your box to avoid any accidental scratches during shipping. Once they are Home with you, enjoy them and find a special place to Display them Forever. Great Gift set for all Relationships or Occasions! Disabled & LGBTQ Friendly!

*FREE "Cuddle Me" Basic Instructions Sheet with every set 

* ABILITY EXPO 2017 for the Disabled - I met Ken and Lynn at the Abilities Expo in Houston in 2016. They were visiting the event and told me about their product Cuddlespoons. In 2017, we invited them to have a booth at the VSA Texas Artist Market at Abilities Expo. VSA Texas is the state organization on arts and disability. It was great having Cuddlespoons at our event. They have a professional display and such a fun product! We are excited to have them at our Holiday Art and Gift Show this year in Austin and I expect the Cuddlespoons will be a big hit for our customers who like useful gifts that support artists with disabilities. ~ April Sullivan, Artworks Director, VSA Texas

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