Relationship Entertainment: CUDDLES Spooning Spoon for Couples & Singles - Also a Helpful Eating Aid for the Disabled, Elderly & Children.
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Welcome to Cuddle Spoons - Relationship Entertainment: A Fun Spooning Spoons Novelty Gift set for Couples & Singles who love Cuddling and eating Sweet Dessert Treats.

Great Summer-Time fun; imagine eating a sweet icy dessert treat on a hot summer night with your date, girl friend/boy friend, wife/husband, love one or just a close friend. It's CUDDLES time - create those "Priceless Memories" that will last for FOREVER. 

How did they get their name? The 2 most important things that I enjoyed in my life where: #1. Cuddling with my special person. AND #2. Eating sweet dessert treats. * So I combined the 2 favorite enjoyments in life to create the Ultimate gift for all of us to enjoy.

 The Gift Box Packaging is very important for your Cuddle Spoons, this is where you Date & Keep all your precious Memories a live. A Clear Protection Cover will be placed on your box to avoid any accidental scratches during shipping. Once they are Home with you, enjoy them and find a special place to Display them Forever. Great Gift set for all Relationships or Occasions! Disabled & LGBTQ Friendly!

NEW SHIPPING - All shipping Boxes will be lined with Soft Red Tissue Paper, Pink Shipping Popcorn and artificial Rose Petals. "Surprise Gift ready!" 

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Cuddle Spoons has been in business since 2014 and has a perfect relationship with all of our customers. ~ CUDDLE ON!


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