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House Cleaning Special!

Naked Cluddling - Get all 3 Cuddle Spoon Sets NAKED but not Afraid - House Cleaning Special!

$ 20.00

This is my way of saying thank you for all the wonderful years. Now you can share the gift of fun with all your close friends, be part of their memories.

This 3 Set Package is my Naked Cuddling Special.

I’m giving you my 3 Cuddles set (Stars & Stripes, Pink & Blue and Rainbow Free), without any of my extra goodies; that I normally include. For instance like the Cuddle Me T-Shirt decal on the shirt of the spoon and the fun cuddling instruction sheet, along with the pink packing popcorn and the red romantic rose pedals, plus with the fancy red tissue paper that lines the gift box and let’s not forget my custom Cuddle Me button. That’s right; you are getting all 3 of my Cuddles sets, just like I get them from my manufacture “NAKED”. 

NOTE: The Gift Box Packaging is very important for your Cuddle Spoons, this is where you Date & Keep all your precious Memories a live. A Clear Protection Cover will be placed on your box to avoid any accidental scratches during shipping. Once they are Home with you, enjoy them and find a special place to Display them Forever.

ALSO, You can always print out the Fun Instruction sheet at

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