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The True "Box of Romance" by Cuddle Spoons

Is Romance DEAD? We surveyed 100 of our Female Cuddle Spoons Customers and asked them, “How Romantic is your companion?” 83% of them said that their male partners needed help; and that's an under statement. So with their help we gathered a handful of fun, exciting and romantic items for the both of you to enjoy together.

They all claimed that you only need 7 items to make them happy, so we put those items in our Box of Romance. If you are a True Romantic you already know what’s in our box. For those of you who aren't, I'll give you a hint: your Memories will be priceless and I guaranteed that will last forever!

PLUS all of this will be specially wrapped in soft Tissue Paper w/Flower Rose Pedals, all items are Brand New.

~ Cuddle On!

FREE : If you can name all 7 items in our Box of Romance it will be FREE... E-Mail your answer to