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EXTRA Information on our Box of Romance.

Many viewers/buyers want to know what is in our Box of Romance before they buy it; which is understandable. I personally feel, since I worked so hard surveying & researching on what makes a perfect romantic memory for two, it shouldn’t be shared openly with competing business.

If you don’t want to spoil the fun of my Box of Romance, STOP HERE before reading the rest. Below is a list of the 7 items, you can still STOP HERE!

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  1. Set of 2 Cuddle Spoons in display box with Cuddling Instructions

  2. Romantic CD from top artists

  3. Cute Bear “Rose Body Bath Soap Flower Petal Party Bear”

  4. Body Lotion Pack *brand is: Love Line – imported from Israel.

  5. 1 Highly Scented votive candle – Handmade

  6. Romantic Dice Game – Glow in the dark

  7. Pack of gum (5 pieces) – main brand 

ALL items are Brand NEW – Factory Sealed!

<Now that you know, Please Order - Thank You

My romance line is priced at a super affordable price; I’m hoping by doing this more people will understand the value of my Cuddle Spoon Sets.