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Cuddle Spoons with the drop proof wrist cord lanyard.

With the drop-proof wrist cord, mothers teaching their children and toddlers to eat on their own don’t have to constantly bend over to pick the spoon up off the floor. The same is true for the elderly and physically disabled with limited abilities.

I'm a stroke survivor, I been through all of these feeding & eating issues in the past so I do know how frustrating eating can be without the right spoon aid. My curvy design make them easy to grasp, grip and hold for people who struggle with hand strength and arm control. NOW you don't have to worry about your love one dropping their spoon or making a serious mess. I found the best and simplest answer to all of those eating issues. Yes I did design my Cuddle Spoons for couples & singles but they are more helpful to people with feeding and eating issuses. Please Watch Our Videos & Read More...

Eating Aid for the Disabled (Disabilities), Elderly and Children learning to eat. Comfortable, Easy Grip, Drop Proof and Affordable. Spoon with me.


So grab a set or a few Singles and enjoy them; wear them as SP-ewelry (Spoon + Jewelry) and have some FUN!  Keep your Memories alive Forever with Cuddle Spoons. Give them as gift or keep them for yourself - "Experience CUDDLES with someone special" Great for any ocassion! Safety Break-A-Way SP-ewlry cord with every Singles.

Say it with spoons.