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Fun Eating Spoons - Children, Elderly and Disabled love them. Balanced, Easy Holding/Gripping, Comfortable with drop proof wrist cord.

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A problem for many Disabled, Elderly and Children is eating on their own. My Cuddle Spoon design is the answer to all your feeding & eating issues.

My Spoon will change your life. Video 1, Video 2

The Disabled Community; Multiple sclerosis (MS), Stroke Survivor recovery, along with Elderly arthritis patients, Children, and Couples all agree that we have the best fun & practical spoon design ever made. For centuries the spoon has never changed, it has always been a small shallow bowl oval or round in shape but I never heard anyone ever say that the handle makes the spoon. In order to have the best spoon design the spoon needs the right handle to become the perfect spooning relationship. That is what it’s all about “The Perfect Relationship”.

So let’s go back to the first line in my blog article, “The Disabled, Elderly, Children, and Couples all agree that we have the best spoon design”. Why? The handle of the spoon has the perfect Shape and Size; for any small child or average adult size hand. It has the perfect Curves and Structure for an easy to grip handle and it’s rectangular not a round like most eating aids. For a better understanding why my design is the best than all the rest, try to think of it this way. Your hand is a wrench and the handle of the spoon is the nut for the bolt. If you try to tighten a round nut with a rectangular gripping wrench, all it will do is slip. That is the same thing that will happen to a person with limited abilities or little strength in their hand. Do the right thing, used the right tool for the job. 

Fun Spoons - Children, Elderly and Disabled love them. Balanced, Easy Gripping, Comfortable with drop proof wrist cord.

I’m a stroke survivor and I had to reteach myself how to eat. So I know the right tool for the job. My Cuddle Spoon design out ranks any medical spoon out there. I can’t tell you how many shirts that I ruined because my medical issue spoon was too heavy, bulky and I couldn’t grip it properly or it was just unconformable to hold. So please think about your disabled love one or elderly family member trying to feed themselves with most of the food going everywhere but in their mouth. I designed the perfect spoon and the answer for all of us who need the right feed/eating tool for the job. Make sure you put the best spoon in the right hands so the food gets to the mouth without making a mess.

Childrens spoon.When it comes to young children, many of them are attracted to the colorful Mommy/Daddy figure that gets to eat with them. Another benefit for children using my spoon is without them even realizing it they are learning the proper way to hold a spoon or fork. Distractions at mealtime should be cut down to a minimum and so should the mess that you have to clean up. Feeding will be a new experience now that your child has their new spoon buddy.

spoon me

Cuddle Spoons Background: Yes CUDDLES were created as a fun keepsake gift for all couples in any type of relationship, but over time it has been proven by the disabled community that my spoon handle design is the prefect eating aid for the people who need that extra help. You can believe everything that I told you or you can see it first-hand from the person who uses my spoon.


Ken Vantroba – 

My Spoon Design with the Drop proof wrist cord.

wrist ban

Thumb rests on stomach.


Index Finger on the waist.

top view

Middle Finger Knuckle Support.

side view

Your Knuckle rest between the elbows of the spoon.

back support

lower back

Some of our Happy Cuddlers.


Kid holding his Cuddle Spoon and doing the Dance Shuffle. 

YouTube Videos: HERE!

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