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Just "Cuddle Me", "Hold Me", "Love Me" - Stop by and order us Today!

Just for you - The Point!Stars and Stripes, Pink and Blue, Rainbow Free.
#1 Stars & Stripes - #2 Pink & Blue - #3 Rainbow Free

I designed a better SPOON they're Fun, Meaningful & Practical. "CUDDLES" were created for 2 people to Enjoy together; your Memories are Special so keep them safe with Cuddle Spoons. They are One of a Kind, Totally Original and everyone Loves Them! They are only Sold though me - Cuddle Spoons. Great for any Occasion *Couples Cuddling, *Ice Cream/Dessert Lovers - ALSO The Perfect Adaptive Eating Aid for the Disabled, Children and Elderly - LGBT Friendly! 

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