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Naked Cuddling *House Cleaning Special* Check it out!

Naked Cuddling - Visions of Cuddle Spoons from the hit reality TV Show Naked and Afraid.

(House Cleaning Special *All 3 Sets $20 Buy Now!)

Visions of this idea came to me from the hit reality TV Show Naked and Afraid. If this is your first time that you are hearing about my Cuddle Spoons please give me a moment of your time. 

Cuddle Spoons are a well-known keepsake gift created for couples & singles to enjoy together, but over the years they have been recognized by the disabled community to be a very helpful eating aid. Now seniors recently have picked up on how helpful they have been and are using them to avoid pain from arthritis or hand and wrist injury. I have to say that my simple spoon design has been a total surprise to anyone who has given them a chance. Every day people are hearing about Cuddles and wondering “What is the big deal?”.  All I have to say is just try them for yourself and see what they do for you.

The word “Cuddles” continues to travel, and I heard that parents are giving them to their children. NEWS BREAK: dinner time is fun for the kids and pleasant for the parents. Not to brag, but I continue to get positive feedback from my past customers, who use my spoons every day!  Like I said, I created this gift for couples & and singles, but now the proof is in the pudding, they help just about everyone. 

When it comes to eating issues with the disabled, elderly or children, people don’t even make a connection with cuddling. What they see is a fun eating aid because just by holding them you can feel their lightweight, even balance, and easy gripping ability.

I’m a stroke survivor and had problems myself with eating, so I do know and understand how frustrating it can be not being able to eat on your own.

When I’m selling my spoons at trade shows, people see me and automatically think, eating aid or medical device. I guess that’s how my Cuddle Spoons went from couple’s enjoyment to eating aid. No matter the reason why people are attracted to my Cuddle Spoons it doesn’t make a difference, it feels good inside knowing that my gift is appreciated.

So, here is where the naked part comes in: I’m giving you 3 of my Cuddles set (Stars & Stripes, Pink & Blue and Rainbow Free), without any of my fun extra goodies; that normally come in the box. For instance my Cuddle Me T-Shirt decal; on the shirt of the spoon, and the fun cuddling instruction sheet, the pink packing popcorn and the red romantic rose pedals, the fancy red tissue paper that lines the gift box and my custom Cuddle Me button. That’s right; you are getting all 3 of my Cuddles sets, down and “NAKED”.

Why am I doing this? Cuddle Spoons has made a big impact on my life in so many ways, others have change just by holding them. Maybe they are reminding them of a special time or memory in their life? I don't know, but what I do know is that you need to experience them for yourself.

Also, I’d like to know, if my gift is for couples or are they for the people with eating issues? Let’s not guess anymore!! Order my 3-set package and tell me, if you’d like!

Enjoy for yourself or share them with a friend, even pass on a few to a person that you think will use them and make them happy! No matter which way you go, helping others solve their eating issues or giving them as a fun caring gift will touch both your heart and theirs and create priceless memories for everyone.


Thanks for your time


~ Ken Vantroba~

Buy Now my 3 Cuddle Spoons sets - Naked Cuddling for couples and singles in any type of relationship.

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