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#1 we are Disability Friendly, #2 we support LGBT Community. It doesn't matter your physical abilities or preference in gender, "CUDDLES" are for all of us to enjoy. Even through Cuddle Spoons appear to be a simple concept, they are a very meaningful gift.

The Spooning Dessert Spoon that never stops Cuddling.

What are Cuddle Spoons?

I have one simple answer for you: They are SPOONS, BUT these spoons where created from my own life experience.

Cuddles are a very creative "Keepsake Gift" (Man & Women Figure) Dessert Spoons that can’t keep from cuddling with each other every moment of the day. They are approx. 7 inches in total length and the handle (Man or Women) is 4 ½ inches long. The handle is made from a strong and durable plastic that is designed with warm attractive colors & themes for their clothing. They were also designed with the children, disabled and elderly in mind because they are very comfortable and easy to hold. The spoon/scoop is made from a high quality stainless steel that extends 2 ½ inches from the handles end.
Memories are priceless so no expense was spared in making these spoons.

Great for ALL occasions:
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Description & How I thought up the idea:

Spoons that are filled with Fun, Happiness, and Memories that will last forever - They come in a set of 2 and 3 Styles to fit your personality. It came to my mind just thinking about how nice it would be to cuddle all day long with the person that I care about. If you had experience the same life changing event that I had, you will understand my thoughts & feelings behind my CUDDLE Spoons.

* Many people have asked me "What category would I put them in?" I would say First: "Reality" (my life), then I would say a "Fun Keepsake" Gift. A Gift on one hand that reminds you how precious your Memories are with that special person; but on the other hand, creates Fun & Happiness that will last forever. Every time you see these Cuddle Spoons you will always think back to those Memories.

How did they get their name?

The 2 most important things that I enjoyed in my life where:
1. Cuddling with that Special Person.
2. Eating Sweet Dessert Treats.

* So I combined my 2 favorite enjoyments in life to make the Ultimate gift for all of us to enjoy.

My Story...