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Cuddle Spoons

Still "Single" Pack - Rainbow Free (Male)

$ 8.95

The Disabled, Elderly, Children, and Couples all agree that we have the best spoon design out there. Why? The handle of the spoon has the perfect Shape and Size; for any small child or average adult size hand. It has the perfect Curves and Structure for an easy to grip handle and it’s rectangular not a round like most eating aids. For a better understanding why my design is the best than all the rest, try to think of it this way. Your hand is a wrench and the handle of the spoon is the nut for the bolt. If you try to tighten a round nut with a rectangular gripping wrench, all it will do is slip. That is the same thing that will happen to a person with limited abilities or little strength in their hand. Do the right thing, used the right tool for the job. 

Cuddle Spoons are AFFORDABLE, WELL MADE and everyone loves them. The overall design is lightweight/well balanced and their shape makes them very easy to gasp, grip and hold. Fits perfectly in all small to adult size hands; that is why there’s no wrong way to hold my Cuddle Spoons. The person who is receiving them doesn’t need to be a child learning how to hold a utensil or disabled or arthritic but if they are – you just gave them the PERFECT GIFT!    

  • Approximate size is 7 1/8 inches long.
  • Quality Materials - Stainless Steel; Thick metal not Cheap & USB Plastic *High Gloss/Mirror finish, Durable - Light Weight - Comfortable Shape - Well Balanced.
  • 3 Colorful designs to choose from: Stars & Stripes, Pink & Blue, Rainbow Free.
  • One of a Kind, Unique, Totally Original – *Custom decals available on request.
  • Great Flatware / Eating Aid for Teaching * Rehabilitation - Arm & Hand Control, Arthritis, Multiple sclerosis (MS), Stroke recovery, etc.
  • *Dishwasher Safe! *Same Day Shipping! *SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!

    This is the Rainbow Male from the Rainbow Free Collection. Details and Quality are the same as the sets. These sets have been separated because of the large demand for single gifts such as Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, Stocking Suffers, Grab Bags AND most of all a helpful Eating / Feeding / Teaching Aid for Infant Children and People with Hand Motor Skills issues - Disabilities.

    Share your experience with someone special. ~ CUDDLE ON!

    Cuddle Spoons has been in business since 2014 and has a perfect relationship with all of our past customers. We currently have three sets of Cuddles available – Veterans and First Respondents admire the Stars and Stripes. The LGBT community and Rainbow Lovers adore the Rainbow Free Sets, and EVERYONE loves the Pink & Blue sets. Choose a set or several, and we’ll ship them immediately, from Baytown, Texas!

    * Great Singles Gift idea * 

    SHIPPING & RETURN: Shipping rates are the standard USPS Fees, we offer the lowest possible cost. Anyone unhappy with Cuddle Spoons has 30 days to return. Customer pays any return fees.

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