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FREE SP-ewelry with your Box of Romance: Cuddle Spoons Jewelry.

Only 30 AVAILABLE! Cuddle Spoons + Jewelry = SP-ewelry. Is SP-ewelry the new Jewelry fade? For those of you who haven't had a chance to experience CUDDLES, you now can wear your special Memories as SP-ewelry. 

I will be giving a way 1 FREE SP-ewelry  with every Box of Romance. If being romantic is not your thing, you and your special person can enjoy one of our other offers. Buy 2 CUDDLES Set  and get 1 FREE. Both offers; Box of Romance & CUDDLES will be valid throughtout the summer months or until SP-ewelry last for the Box of Romance. Cuddle Me, Teddy Bear & Rose - Box of Romance.

Cuddle Me Dessrt Spoons - Stars and Stripes.       Cuddle Me Dessrt Spoons - Pink and Blue.       Cuddle Me Dessrt Spoons - Rainbow Free - LGBTQ Friendly.

Enjoy your day with CUDDLES and your Memories will last Forever.
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