We don't bite, we only FEED! "CUDDLE with someone special"
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Kickstarter crowdfunding update YouTube Video for Cuddles - Cuddle Spoons

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Update to KICKSTARTER Campaign for Cuddles, we need your Support

Yes, I need your Support for "CUDDLES" KICKSTARTER Campaign. Other than my Start-up needs, I want to show that they are very comfortable and desirable for the disabled. The friendly curved design makes them the perfect eating Aide, being able to supply my spoons for the disabled is another reason why these funds will be helpful. I should know, I use them myself. Visit my website www.CuddleSpoons.com ~ and my KICKSTARTER Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1952819145/cuddles-spooning-spoons-with-feelings/?ref=kickrating Thanks in advance

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Great News - I'm getting ready for my next Cuddles order,

Great News - I'm getting ready for my next Cuddles order, by modifying my moulds and increasing production I could reduce my cost. So, that is what I'm doing. I want everyone to enjoy the same Fun & Happiness with Cuddles I'm lowering the price. It's to late to receive your order before Christmas, BUT they would make a great addition to your 2016 celebration. www.CuddleSpoons.com

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Merry Cuddly Christmas - YouTube Video

  Me and my buddy Snoopy wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.  At Cruising Tex Toy Drive.

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LOOKING For News Press Release:

LOOKING For News Press Release: Physically Disabled Stroke Survivor needs Free Press. After years of living a life of challenging “Obstacles”, I’ve created a Gift for you and the special person in your life. The sad thing is I had to go through all this in order to understand the True Value of Life. I call my Gift “Cuddles”. At first glance you see a Fun / Simple cute novelty item, BUT they mean so much more and I designed them to be simple & fun so everyone would want them. You can learn more about my “Cuddles” at www.CuddleSpoons.com...

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