Relationship Entertainment: CUDDLES Spooning Spoon for Couples & Singles - Also a Helpful Eating Aid for the Disabled, Elderly & Children.
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Hello Shark Tank! - A Message to the Casting Producers.

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Hello Shark Tank! - A Message to the Casting Producers.

Hello Shark Tank! My name is Ken Vantroba and I live in Houston, TX I have a business called Cuddle Spoons.  What makes me different from all the other applicants is Me.  Let me explain.  I’m physically disabled and wheelchair bound since suffering a severe stroke in 1988.  I designed and created my spoons to reflect my life; 26 healthy and happy & 26 years disabled and learning how to BE happy. I also wanted people to be happy when they used them.  I mean, anyone can make a spoon – but to make people happy – THAT’S the real...

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