Relationship Entertainment: CUDDLES Spooning Spoon for Couples & Singles - Also a Helpful Eating Aid for the Disabled, Elderly & Children.
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News — I don't understand.

I just don’t understand. Where did the love go?

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I just don’t understand. Where did the love go?

Maybe I’m just to Old Fashion; seriously I’m really not that old, but the feeling of someone loving and caring for you is a precious gift, a gift that you can’t buy at any local Five & Dime store. Let’s say you had a strange inner-body experienced like I did, wouldn’t you want to tell someone? I think so, so that’s what I’m trying to do but in a fun way. Try to imagine one day when you can’t hug or even cuddle with that special person in your life; in fear of getting violently ill or becoming disabled. It...

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