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Mike Bloomberg on MSNBC - Social Media Marketing.

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Mike Bloomberg on MSNBC - Social Media Marketing.

This morning (2/13/2020) on MSNBC I heard that #MikeBloomberg spends 1 Million Dollars a day on #SocialMediaMarketing for his #presidentialcampaign, I wonder if it’s working for him. When I buy Ads for www.CuddleSpoons.com most people ignore them. WHY? We don't bite, We only Feed! .... Cuddle Spoons are a fun practical gift for all, they are also a very helpful eating aid for people with disabilities. We are bipartisan, we don't judge People, Party or Life Style.  #marketing #marketingstrategy #marketingandadvertising #marketingtips #marketingsocial #marketingexpert #disability #eatingaids #spoons #couples #disabled #businessmarketing

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