Relationship Entertainment: CUDDLES Spooning Spoon for Couples & Singles - Also a Helpful Eating Aid for the Disabled, Elderly & Children.
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Confused and Under Pressure! Mr. EMAIL MESSAGE … How’s it going?

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Confused and Under Pressure! Mr. EMAIL MESSAGE … How’s it going?

Mr. EMAIL MESSAGE … How’s it going? I need your advice. I truly feel that I need some serious help with my Cuddle Spoons business. Can I ask you a few questions; I really feel under pressure and I’m so confused? Let me tell you a few things first. I had my purpose for creating my spoons, that is why I challenged myself and I decided to give up everything in hopes that this idea will work; that was in 2013–14. Really I wasn’t in it for the money because honestly let’s say that I do make a ton of money, what...

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