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A successful invention is when you create a product that is needed by everyone.

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Disabled person, Entrepreneur for Cuddle Spoons. 

Do you need to have Fun in your life? Do you need Happiness in your life? How about a safe place to keep your Special Memories? My gift; the gift that I created for you, is Priceless. My Cuddle Spoons will change the outlook of your life in a positive way. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience this feeling for yourself. My skills on spreading the word about my CUDDLES haven’t gone so well. I can’t continue to give-give and give if no one will listen. All that I’m asking is to give me a chance; I promise it won’t hurt as much as I feel at this point. I gave all that I can; I survived a fatal brain injury and survived. I will continue to live my life the best way that I can, but it truly hurts me that only a handful of people support me and my gift.

Please order your Cuddle Spoons today and support me and my special message to you. CUDDLES is the gift that keeps your priceless memories lasting Forever ~ Thank You.

Lets cuddle all night.

Ken Vantroba

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