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SharkTank Fan gets Let Down, NOT Turned Down.

August 9, 2009 was the premier date for the now hit Reality TV show Shark Tank. Ever since the airing hundred thousand viewers to now over a hundred million people had become loyal watchers. For many entrepreneurs the show had made their dreams come true and for others they are still waiting, waiting and waiting.

Yes I was one of those people. I became a serious fan back then; I watched the show from start to finish week after week. For us who became addicted to the show, YouTube was our next best friend to watch episodes that we seen before time after time.

Well this August 9th; “where did I hear that date from before? Oh! my birthday”, I’ll be 60 years old. I’m sorry to say that I can’t give them my time and be a loyal watcher anymore. Sure I’ll watch the newer episodes if I come across them but they really let me down. Countless times I wrote the Producers, the Casting Director and even the creator Mark B*%n*#t, not to mention most of the Big Star Hosts of the show. Can you believe after writing for so many years; I mean year after year, no one even had the time to say SORRY maybe next time, not one person. NOTE: It’s not hard to find these people, most of them can be found on the main social media platforms.

Anyway Shark Tank let me down; they didn’t even give me a chance to be turned down.


SharkTank TV Show - Fan gets Let Down, NOT Turned Down


Thanks for your listening time.

Sincerely ~ Ken Vantroba …

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