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Cuddle Spoons + Jewelry = SP-ewelry. Disabled, Elderly and Children.

Spoon +Jewelry

Is SP-ewelry the new Jewelry fade? For those of you who haven't had a chance to experience CUDDLES, you now can wear your special Memories as SP-ewelry. Yes my Cuddle Spoons design has been a world of Gems from a Fun Spooning Spoons Novelty Gift set for Couples & Singles to a Helpful Eating Aid for the Disabled, Elderly & Children.

Spoon Product Listing - Cuddle Spoons with the drop proof wrist cord lanyard:

So let’s go back to the first line in my blog article about my Cuddle Spoons – Beginning of 2019. “The Disabled, Elderly, Children, and Couples all agree that we have the best spoon design”. Why? The handle of the spoon has the perfect Shape and Size; for any small child or average adult size hand. It has the perfect Curves and Structure for an easy to grip handle and it’s rectangular not a round like most eating aids. For a better understanding why my design is the best than all the rest, try to think of it this way. Your hand is a wrench and the handle of the spoon is the nut for the bolt. If you try to tighten a round nut with a rectangular gripping wrench, all it will do is slip. That is the same thing that will happen to a person with limited abilities or little strength in their hand. Do the right thing, used the right tool for the job.

ABILITY EXPO for the Disabled, Elderly and Children with Disabilities - Eating Aid "Spoon Design

* Invited to the ABILITY EXPO for the Disabled - Eating Aid "Spoon Design" *Booth Organizer Comment - I met Ken and Lynn at the Abilities Expo in Houston in 2016. They were visiting the event and told me about their product Cuddlespoons. Since 2017; to current date, we invited them to have a booth at the VSA Texas Artist Market at Abilities Expo. VSA Texas is the state organization on arts and disability. It was great having Cuddlespoons at our event. They have a professional display and such a fun product! We are excited to have them at our Holiday Art and Gift Show this year in Austin and I expect the Cuddlespoons will be a big hit for our customers who like useful gifts that support artists with disabilities. ~ April Sullivan, Artworks Director, VSA Texas 

Thanks for visiting Cuddle Spoons ~ Ken Vantroba.

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