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Hello Shark Tank! - A Message to the Casting Producers.

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Hello Shark Tank!

My name is Ken Vantroba and I live in Houston, TX

I have a business called Cuddle Spoons.  What makes me different from all the other applicants is Me.  Let me explain.  I’m physically disabled and wheelchair bound since suffering a severe stroke in 1988.  I designed and created my spoons to reflect my life; 26 healthy and happy & 26 years disabled and learning how to BE happy.

I also wanted people to be happy when they used them.  I mean, anyone can make a spoon – but to make people happy – THAT’S the real trick!

My spoons are called “CUDDLES”.  They are extremely meaningful, practical & adorable and will instantly put a smile on your face.

Yes.  A smile.  There’s nothing better than making someone smile.  Believe me on this.  We’re still repairing everything Harvey dumped 62” of rain on us. 

Here’s the best part!   Since I’m disabled, I designed these spoons for EVERYONE to use.  They have a bend to their design that makes them very easy to hold for the disabled, elderly, little children, therapy, and Alzheimer’s patients. They are light weight, affordable, and very well balanced.  They also come in their own gift boxes with little hangers on the back so nurses can hang them on the wall for their patients (which is what we’ve been told they do).

I’ve been a fan of Shark Tank ever since the first show and I’ve seen all the episodes over and over and, yes, over again.  With that said, I’ve never seen a physically disabled entrepreneur on the show, even among the disabled veterans that were showcased.  I would really like to be the first entrepreneur to make a pitch from a motorized wheelchair.

Because Shark Tank has such a large viewing audience, I really believe this would open a lot more doors for people with disabilities.  Heck, here in Houston it’s hard to get people to take me seriously and that’s if I can even get into their businesses!


Thanks for your time


Ken Vantroba –

2400 French Place

Baytown Texas 77520

630 673-6498

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