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First Trade Show Display for Cuddle Spoons. Cuddling Couples Spoon Set

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best gift ever
Yes Cuddle Spoons are the Best gift ever! 
However this is how I prepare for a Trade show on my low budget. Since I didn't have any investors or money flow I search everywhere for the best deal I can get, I found many deals on ebay. First you should start with a plan.
trade show display
I looked for other eye catching displays; Google search images, websites and other shows.  I made a simple list of a:
1. 1-Table.. $45
2. Table top fabric and skirt.. $42
3. Banners.. $35
4. A couple of table signs and props.. $40
5. A display for your product.. $65
I put my display together for less then $250, I think that it looks pretty good for my first try. What do you think? ... 

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