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Relationship Entertainment: Couples and Singles.

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If you have never seen or experience CUDDLES, you don't know what you are missing. Yes! I know you need to know MORE. 

Short and Simple: Cuddle Spoons are unique, one of a kind, a gift from a higher place and will give everyone who experience them an overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness. Priceless Memories Forever!

Cuddle Spoons are just what they sound like, Spooning or Cuddling Spoons. The story goes - A healthy young  man created them. This man was on the right path to a happy career, his own family with a loving wife and kids in his future. Unfortunately something tragic happened in his life that change everything. 

On December 11th 1988...

He woke up in the morning and fell flat down to the floor, not able to move, talk or see. From that day we didn't know if there was any future for him. He spent the next few months in the Intensive Care Unit until his vital signs started to become normal, in the weeks ahead he was sent to a rehabilitation hospital. All together he spent better than a year and a half in hospital care. As the story goes he never fully recovered, he's alive but still can't walk, has a weak slurred voice, only use of 1 hand/arm that he uses but still needs daily care. O.K. that person is me - Ken Vantroba.

Since 1988 my new lifestyle has been a struggle but I am a fighter with a strong heart and a person who cares about others and I wants to share my story in a fun creative way that others will enjoy; Believe me I'm not trying to take you on a scarry fear trip and my story isn't happy or fun OR even something you all want to think about. BUT they are the facts: life is precious / unpredictable and what happen to me can happen to anyone and at anytime. 

So Bottom Line...

The 2 most important things that I enjoyed in my life where:

1. Cuddling with my special person. 

2. Eating sweet dessert treats. 

* So I combined the 2 favorite enjoyments in life to create the Ultimate gift for all of us to enjoy. After I became stable enough to live this new life I went back to college and earned 2 college degrees (7 years), with my knowledge and skills I create my Cuddle Spoons. 

Some people believe...

That my Cuddle Spoons should only be given to someone on Valentines, Christmas or some other kind of holiday. Well that's not true, Cuddle Spoons are a simple gift that should be given to that special person anytime. Giving a simple little gift like my CUDDLES will make a world of a difference in anyone's life; especially yours. 

Time for CUDDLES Fun...

I believe my CUDDLES Instructions is a good beginning to a long happy relationship with lots of special memories for the both of you. 

Relationship Entertainment: Couples and Singles. "Cuddle Spoons"

Ken ~ Enjoy and Cuddle On!



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