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Is this the Season we see a Wheelchair roll out on the Carpet?

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As seen on T.V. Shark Tank

Healthy Young Man becomes Accidental Entrepreneur after Brain Injury that leaves him Totally Disabled; wheelchair-bound 24/7 365 days a year.

BAYTOWN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, August 30, 2021 / -- Ken Vantroba owner and creator of Cuddle Spoons, Petitions to become the First Wheelchair Entrepreneur to pitch his CUDDLES Gift on the T.V. Show Shark Tank. CUDDLES are a fun couple’s spoon set that was developed from a serious brain injury; that left him physically disabled.

His petition can be signed on “The world’s platform for change”; signatures & promters are needed and well appreciated SIGN MY PETITION … Thanks ~ Ken.

Brief description of the landing website

Cuddle Spoons: Spooning "Ice Cream/Dessert" Spoon Partners in a Custom made Display Bed Box; Male & Female (Disabled & LGBTQ Friendly). They are the #1 Keepsake Gift for Couples & Singles who love Cuddling and eating Sweet Treats.

Hi I'm Ken the creator of Cuddle Spoons and a stroke survivor since 1988. I overcame many challenges and obstacles in this life changing experience but unfortunately I’m still physically and totally disabled. My disability experience inspired me to design my gift. The fun simple message to my gift is: life is precious, so don't take it for granted and to share your life with that special person.

A Big PLUS = Throughout the years I learn that my spoon design is being used by the Disabled, Elderly and Children who have a difficult time eating with a standard issued medical spoon. My curvy design make the spoon easy to hold, grasp and grip for those people who struggle with hand strength and arm control. Cuddle Spoons is the answer to adult fun and physical eating issues. So whichever reason you are here I won’t let you down.

Ken Vantroba
Cuddle Spoons
+1 630-673-6498
email us here

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