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Disabled Man TRYS to Audition for Shark Tank

disabled entrepreneur disabled man need investment shark tank start-up investors , BUT no luck yet. I need your help Please “SHARE” to your All your Friends

Disabled Man and his Gift

Hi my name is Ken Vantroba — I’m asking for $125,000.00 for 20% of my business
I call my business Cuddle Spoons…
The special product that I created is called “CUDDLES”. CUDDLES are Fun, Meaningful and the Only gift ever created for 2 people to enjoy together. Not to mention, they are so darn cute & adorable!
* When I say “2” people I mean: Friends, Dates or Couples. AND when I say “people” I mean a man & woman OR a woman & woman OR even a man & man.
PLUS: They have been called; by many of my past buyers, “The Perfect Spoon” because it’s a great eating aid for Children, Disabled and the Elderly — because of the comfortable shape.
My CUDDLES currently come in 3 styles: Stars & Stripes — Veterans favorite, Pink & Blue — More relax/Common people favorite, and Rainbow Free — big seller in LGBT Community. Actually any set can be mix-match according to the personality that fits you the best.
Another special feature is the Packaging — The packaging is a clear PVC Box which can be seconded as a display box AND since most people cuddle in a comfortable place Like Bed, I designed the backboard to imitate a bed.
The Selling opportunities are endless… Just to name a few You, Them and your fellow friends. PLUS groups — LGBTQ Community, organizations — Sports , schools — Colleges , business — Dairy Queen, different states or countries — Europe, etc., in any style and so much more. 
Thanks for your comments and for the time to read my pitch.

I would love a Shark on my side, but if you love my gift and feel that you will be value to my business Let’s Talk. ~ Ken

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