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Hand, Arm Exercising - Rehabilitation: Recovering from a Stroke Part 2.

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How do you feel? Do you feel like you are accomplishing anything? It takes time so don’t get depressed and don’t give up hope. These are the exercises that I do daily; they are helping me that is why I won’t quit until my life is back to normal. Are you ready for Part 2?

O.K., grab yourself a firm plastic cup or a medium size empty vitamin bottle; Noting Heavy. Go back to your workout table or flat surface. Now that your hand should be loosening up from doing Part 1, you won’t have any trouble putting the cup or bottle snug in your hand.

Put the cup or bottle in your hand and lean forward as far as you can. Hand & Arm Rehabilitation exercises Part 2.

Start by putting the cup in your hand and leaning forward as far as you can stretching out that tight arm. If your muscles are like mine they get tight fast; this part hurts me at first but they will soon relax. *When stretching your arm out forward it’s normal that the muscles in your forearm will automatically close the fingers in your hand; this is why we are using a cup or bottle to do this exercise.

Lifting your hand and arm over your head as far as you can. Hand & Arm Rehabilitation exercises Part 2

Once you feel that your arm muscles are loosening, try to lift your arm over your head. NOTE: I can’t lift my arm over my head that is why I do this exercise laying on my back in my wheelchair or in my bed. Now lift your arm up to your head; as far as you can, then bring them down to your lap (REPEAT over and over). 

Lift your arm up to your head, then bring them down to your lap (REPEAT over and over). Part 2 Rehab.

REMEMBER… Reps, Reps, Reps… The more Reps you do, the faster you train your brain. Rewiring the brain equals chances to recover from your injury.

Combine Part 1 exercises with Part 2. “You are on the road to recovery, enjoy the ride – Good Job”. See what we do next in Part 3.

This is enough for today. Practice this step 3-5 times a day; come back for my next exercise.

Thank You

Ken Vantroba – Stroke Survivor…

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