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Hello ALL Bloggers… Exculsives story about Cuddle Spoons.

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Hello ALL Bloggers… The reason I’m writing a Call Out Blog Post is because I’m a big blog reader myself and I feel Cuddle Spoons or Me would be an interested story to hear about. I have an inspirational story for all of you if anyone is interested. This is my story in the short version: At the age of 26 I had a server stroke that left me totally disabled. Years pasted and I went back two school; in a wheelchair, and earned 2 college degrees. More years went by; with no luck in getting a job because of my physical disability I decided to use my education to design and developed a fun gift for 2 people to enjoy together. Now my spoon gift is starting to pick up interest in the Disabled Community because of it's shape & design. It’s being use as a helpful eating aid for toddlers, elderly and disabled.

I this year I was invited to show my spoon design at the Abilities Expo in Houston Texas, what a warm welcome for my spoons.

This is my website: , there you will find just about anything you want to know about me. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much more just to mention I never gave an Exclusive Story or Interview to anyone before.  If you think that my story is good for your blog Please let me know, I will help you with any other information you need.


Thanks ~ Sincerely

Ken Vantroba -

P.S. Here you can find a couple of my Videos:

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