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Houston Texas - Disabled Man tries to get off of Public Aid by creating a Fun Cuddle Me Spoon set for 2.

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My life drastically changed on December of 1988.


Sticking on Cuddle Me logos At the age of 26, I suffered a severe and debilitating stroke that immediately left me unable to move, breath or eat. I was also unable to ever work again. That left me totally dependent upon state and federal assistance. I don’t like that to this day! My family wasn’t prepared! I wasn’t prepared! We had to adjust on the fly, so to speak. Needless to say, life became very difficult. Since my stroke happened in 1988 there wasn’t much the medical community could do for me, so my life was a long, empty and depressing string of endless days of rehab and questions. I tried everything to make my situation better and I came to the realization that it was all up to me. I worked harder at rehab. I learned how to speak! I taught myself how to write and draw with my other hand. I learned how to feed myself! I learned the basics all over again! I SUCCEEDED — AND THE STROKE LOST! Okay, I can’t walk but I can operate my motorized wheelchair and get around! 

I realized that I CAN be special and I WILL be special.

Most people take life for granted because so many are unaware of how quickly their world can change and so many are blind to those living in the disabled community. I was one of those people. NOT ANY MORE!

After two decades of living my life as a disabled person, I decided to make a difference in the world. I was going to create something simple but yet meaningful! Something that would be for everyone and yet, also for those that are facing disabilities, emotional difficulties, or simply need something easier and MORE FUN to use.

I created a special SPOON! CUDDLE SPOONS! I wanted them to be unique, simple and also filled with fun so they would remind us, in a small and enjoyable way, to appreciate life. I felt that using my life as an example would be a good place to start.

Now these wonderful spoons didn’t come to me overnight. Cuddle Spoons took time, a lot of rough drafts and prototypes!

Eventually I was able to design a spoon that is extremely creative and is simple for most people to use

Over the last three plus years of selling Cuddle Spoons to the public I have noticed that a majority of my customers were parents with children and healthcare workers. They see the benefits from Cuddle Spoons. Customers always comment that Cuddle Spoons are designed perfectly and are exactly what they have needed. I am truly happy that my spoons have become a positive eating/teaching aide for children and people with disabilities but my dream is to reach everyone.

I’m not satisfied with reaching just a few.

I’m one person with big hopes and I only can do so much by myself. It’s time that I take charge of my life and do the best that I can to support myself with Cuddle Spoons. My hope is that I will inspire other disabled people to take charge of their lives.

As I get older, I worry about what my future will hold. I want to be financially independent and not have to depend on State‘s Aids. My dream is to take my Cuddle Spoons NATION WIDE! I want to be a SUCCESS from my wheelchair!

With your help I will be able reach out and help so many more people. Please help me spread the word about my enjoyable, unique & helpful Cuddle Spoons that I created for all of us to enjoy.

Spoon Me, Fun Feeding Eating time.

Thank You for taking the time to read this.


Ken Vantroba    Website:

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