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How do I get your attention?

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I write many post on Facebook and Twitter, make goofy videos for YouTube and Instagram. Still most people seem to have the attention span of a Gnat. I’m not trying to sell you a piece of worthless workout equipment that will become your favorite clothing hanger next weekend. So tell me do I need to give you money or something free so you can focus on what I’m trying to offer you (@CuddleSpoons) ? All that I’m trying to do is share my life with you; hopefully none of you won’t ever have to go through what I have. Yes this really SUCKS, but I’m trying to do the best I can with what I was given. Trying to explain to others that your life isn’t guaranteed is impossible. I’m not trying to brad but most people; able-body or not, can’t do the thing that I been able to accomplish in this life.

…I do feel that writing this little article was a waste of my time but I need to vent somehow. I’m not at the point where I talk to myself.

Sincerely ~ Ken Vantroba

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