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I just don’t understand. Where did the love go?

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I just don’t understand. Where did the love go? My broken Heart!

Maybe I’m just to Old Fashion; seriously I’m really not that old, but the feeling of someone loving and caring for you is a precious gift, a gift that you can’t buy at any local Five & Dime store. Let’s say you had a strange inner-body experienced like I did, wouldn’t you want to tell someone? I think so, so that’s what I’m trying to do but in a fun way.

Try to imagine one day when you can’t hug or even cuddle with that special person in your life; in fear of getting violently ill or becoming disabled. It can happen and it does to the best of us, I should know. Just because I’m telling you this now in no way I’m I trying to change you from whom you are or to pull out that soft caring person inside of you; I’m just trying to help you save those special memories that you created with another person. When people grow older, get ill or even have a tragic injury like I had, it’s not so easy to hold on to those special memories in your life. I had good memories from my past and I want to keep them, in my new life good memories are few. When I had my strange inner-body experienced some usual voice told me to create something fun/simple but very meaningful for all of us to enjoy. O.K. so my “Gift” did turn out to be a spoon figure with a curvy shape body (Simple but not Planned) but they’re fun and they goes much deeper than what you see, my eyes see the real true facts of life. I didn’t make up these facts, I experienced them.

Just for a moment close your eyes and think… cuddling and going out for ice cream. Now no one can tell me holding, cuddling with another person and eating sweet treats isn’t on top of their list.

Because I feel so strong about my Cuddle Spoons and with total confidence that my “GIFT” will give you the feeling that you deserve, I will let you keep them for a reasonable amount of time to enjoy with yours. If you are not satisfied with them, just send them back and I give you 100% refund; that even includes people with disabilities who use my spoon as a helpful eating aid. 


Sincerely ~ Ken Vantroba

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