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The Corona Virus today – What does tomorrow look like?

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Need a Hug - Corona Virus

I’m writing this short blog article because it hurts me to see the world in turmoil, people are panicking, stupid people are getting dumber and making bad choices for all of our wellbeing. Today many people are still saying that this virus is a Hoax or even some kind of Bogus conspiracy - like they always said, you can’t fix stupid. Over 30 years ago I lost my “Purpose of Life” from a stroke, I can’t be any clearer but to say “I lost everything”. All of my visions of being a young prosperous adult were gone, my body and soul are still here but my dreams will never happen. I always felt that there was a reason for what happen to me but I never could figure out why. Now I feel strongly that it was to pass on a message I was told back in 2014. This voice in my head told me to created Cuddle Spoons for all of us. Why? Beats me.

I truly hope that my experience was just a case of depression and life will soon be back to normal but I just don’t know. The only thing that I do know in January of 2014 a strange voice in my head told me to create this gift.

“Life is precious and unpredictable so don’t take it for granted”, cherish your memories.

Thanks for hearing my thoughts ~ Ken Vantroba,

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