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Indiegogo Crowdfunding Page

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Here is my Indiegogo Crowdfunding Page.

Yes I'm in a bind, well you know that Special Gift that I created for you? It's not moving fast enough to support my NEW demand for single packs; of Cuddle Spoons. Most of my money is into my CUDDLES Gift Sets, so that means that I don't have enough money to support the people who want to use my Cuddle Spoons as a Helpful Eating Aid. Here's the thing... I'm NOT asking for a hand out, all that I'm asking for is a little help to generate a cash flow for my business. You know that CUDDLES are the Fun gift for you and your special person, and eventually you are going to place an order for yourself or some else. So, if you haven't purchased a CUDDLES Set already, I'm begging you to order a set though my site OR InDieGOGO. ~ Thanks... PLEASE pass the word on to your Friends, you never know maybe it is one of your friends who can benefit from my single packs of Cuddle Spoons.

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