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Mr. Daymond John #SharkTank - Questions and Message.

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Hello Mr. Daymond John - Questions for You on the botton of my post.
My name is Ken Vantroba, owner and creator of . I actually designed and developed the 3D Models & Packaging; on computer, for my manufacture to make my spoon gift set. In a brief description I’ll tell you what #CuddleSpoons are: Cuddle Spoons were created for Couples & Singles who love Cuddling and eating Sweet Dessert Treats. This idea was developed from my life changing experience. Plain and simple, I’m a #StrokeSurvivor. Since 1988 my life has been in a wheelchair 24/7/365 with someone having to give care to me day after day. If you want to learn more about my life of living a promising healthy able-body life to currently the life of a totally #DisabledPerson for the last 30+ years, just send me a line and we will talk. As I was saying about my Cuddle Spoons, some people categorize them as a #NoveltyGift and others say that they are a fun #KeepsakeGift. Over the last few years my spoon design has been mentioned to be a very helpful #EatingAid for children, elderly and disabled with eating issues.
I know that I sound like a broken record by saying that I’m a big fan of #SharkTank but it’s true ever since I invented my caring/priceless gift for all to enjoy and now I had devoted myself to be a successful #Entrepreneur and spread the word about my gift. I still watch re-runs trying to pick up advice or business tips that I might had missed. I want to be honest with you, I always felt that my Cuddle Spoons would had been a good fit for one of the female #Investors, but none of them haven’t respond to any of my messages or post. So I’m writing to you in hopes that you see and understand my Cuddle Spoons. Thinking back on some of the episodes I do recall that you had invested in the novelty wine glass that fits on a bottle. Tell me how did that work out? Really I’m not asking you for a lot of time, I’m not even asking you for any money.
I can type all day talking about my Cuddle Spoons and I do have plenty questions about business and #Marketing but I won’t use all your time to read my post.
I’m asking you to consider being my business/investor partner in my Cuddles Spoons business. If you feel that my gift isn't a good fit for you, please pass on my information to those that are willing to take a chance on me. My gift and story is priceless, no one can duplicate my experience. ... I own 100% of my business and there is ZERO Debt on my business, I owe no one. I have all my business supplies and my thousands of spoon set in inventory and they are paid in full. Just the money made from selling my sets would cover any of your fees.
Here are some questions that I still can’t figure out about entrepreneur business. Your professional advice means a lot to me.
As I mentioned, I’m totally disabled, I have a difficult time talking and my communication skills are weak. I don’t have anyone to drive me to places to show off my product and I’m not very good with social media.
1. How do I find the right people to help me built this business?
On Shark Tank many entrepreneurs talk about their incredible sells but they are in the RED for thousands of dollars because of marketing.
2. How can they run a business with 10’s of thousands in the hole? Credit is good in some cases but if you don't have a steady flow of cash, all you are doing is digging a hole.
3. If they are in the hole now, it will take double funds for marketing to try to get out. BUT in reality the bad marketing is what put them in the hole in the first place.
4. How do I find the right marketing team?
5. Shouldn't they prove to me; by sells, that they can make money for me before they get paid?
I can’t afford to lean from my mistakes because I’m the sole source for funds to run this business. If you would join me as partners we won’t need to start in the RED.
If you don’t team up with me…
6. How do I find an investor that is willing to fund my marketing?
Thanks for your time, I hope to hear from you soon
~ Ken Vantroba

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