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#Texas Strong - Hurricane Harvey Relief – Supporting those that NEED IT!

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#Texas Strong - Hurricane Harvey Relief – Supporting those that NEED IT!

It’s been a few weeks since Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston and slowly some things seem to be getting back to normal, but it’s only what you see on the outside.  Many homes (and victims) are empty shells; they look good from the outside but they are empty structures on the inside.  Most have clean water to wash and drink but many still can’t do laundry or cook food because they have no appliances. Lynn and I feel somewhat lucky that we survived Harvey since “HE” was sitting on top of us for 5 straight days.  Those that survived and even escaped the devastation will always be in fear our next storm. It’s called PTSD and it’s real.

mattress mackJim McIngvale = AKA Mattress Mack, was “ALL IN” immediately – from the first flooded homes.  When it came time to help and support the people of Houston. He contributed so much – food, water, meals, and he even opened up his furniture showroom to house the flood victims and used his trucks to rescue people.  Caring hearts from many states came out to help us Texans even though they didn’t know us.  Now that Cuddle Spoons (Lynn and myself) had time to get our heads on straight, we’d like to give a hand by donating to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund fund for Joyce and Adam Romero.  Their heartbreaking story by Matt Keyser can be found here –

The YouCaring Page is being administered by Lucretia Stormy McDonnell in hopes of raising $80k to replace everything they need.  As of November 5th, they’ve only received $1310.00 

To help bring attention to the Romero’s situation, I created a few hundred #TexasStrong Cuddle Spoon sets to HOPEFULLY get the fundraising a bit more attention.

Cuddle Spoons wants to help Joyce and Adam and we would like to work with you to do just that.

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