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The perfect eating aid for the disabled.

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Elderly care, Caring for the Disabled and teaching your children how to eat with a spoon can be difficult. In no way am I an expert at eating or a Professional Cuddler but I am a disabled person and cuddling and desserts are in my blood. Actually Cuddle Spoons are in my blood and my dream gift for all of you to enjoy. Yes! I did create them for couples but the perfectionist in me made them so prefect that they are recognized by others to be a very helpful eating aid for many issues. I’ve had dozens of people tell me how grateful that they are that I created my Cuddle Spoons, now they don’t have to deal with heavy bulky medical aids to help feed their self. My design/shape is very comfortable and easy to grip and features friendly colors with the adorable character handles.  This makes them much more fun to use.

Cuddle Spoons Jewelry by Ken a Disabled person in his wheelchair holding his 2 college diplomas.

I also added a simple safety cord to your Cuddle Spoon so if you happen to drop your spoon while eating with it, it won’t go far because it’s always hanging on your wrist. When you are not eating with your spoon you can wear it as SP-ewelry (Spoon + Jewelry = SP-ewelry). The safety cord has round rubber connecter rings that hold the spoon on the cord and will come apart if needed.

Just to remind you I’m a Perfectionist in Design and Engineering - I thought of everything to make my Cuddle Spoons perfect and here are my 2 college degrees to prove it. I earned these degrees after my stroke; in my motorized wheelchair. I worked very hard to achieve them because I was determined to make something out of my life. and I DID!

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Thanks and always remember to Cuddle On!

Ken Vantroba – Houston Texas or

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