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buzzfeed disabilities Eating Aids for the disabled eating with a spoon learning to eat life as a disabled person recovering from brain damage rehabilitation stroke survivor

I’m a struggling entrepreneur. I became an entrepreneur by accident. Let me explain, I was taking a brain test… WHY? Because I’m a stroke survivor and it’s a fact that the mind will go first. If you catch the damage early, it’s possible you can be treated. Anyways I ended up designing a fun-meaningful cuddling spoon gift for couples. It was based on my life; from being a strong healthy young man to now a wheelchair bound 24/7/365 disabled person who need continent care by others, BUT even though my spoon gift was based from my life it is designed for everyone to enjoy together. Also… since I’m physically disabled I wanted to test my spoon design with other disabled people with hand control issues, from elderly with arthritis to stroke/brain injury patients. All of the people who used my Cuddle Spoons gave me positive feedback.

Now that I have a small online business, I still need all the help I can get to spread the word about my @CuddleSpoons.

I beat my injury so far but I’m still totally disabled, every day I still struggle trying to meet and communicate with others. I need help from a business person or investor, someone who can help me get noticed. I am will to get up a portion of my business for this help.

Thanks soo much ~ Ken Vantroba –


This is a problem for many Disabled, Elderly and Children. I'm Ken a stroke survivor, I designed the answer for many people with eating and feeding issuses. Come and visit to learn more.

My YouTube Video =   YouTube Video

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