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Top Rehabilitation Hospitals in Texas: Spinal Cord and Brain Injuries.

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#1 - TIRR Memorial Hermann is Best in Texas (Houston) and #4 in the Nation. Every year since 1990, US News & World Report has ranked our nation’s leading hospitals. And in every one of those years, TIRR Memorial Hermann has been named among the very best rehabilitation hospitals in the United States.


  1. Affiliated physicians have 100+ years of cumulative experience; 90% are fellowship trained in subspecialties like brain injury, stroke and spinal cord medicine.
  2. To further our international patient rehabilitation outcomes, TIRR Memorial Hermann has a dedicated international program that works with diverse patient backgrounds.
  3. Our patients have exemplary outcomes: 75% of admissions are discharged back to their community.
  4. Research at TIRR Memorial Hermann routinely finds new ways to help patients, in addition to our 15 full-time research investigators, TIRR Memorial Hermann recently opened a three story Research Center.
  5. As a leader in education, TIRR Memorial Hermann has academic partnerships with Baylor College of Medicine and The University of Texas Medical School at Houston and continually hosts many educational offerings.

TIRR Memorial Hermann is devoted to helping patients regain independence after stabilization of acute medical issues.

I’m not plugging for TIRR because I live here in Texas. In the past I was a patient and very satisfied with their rehab program.

Below is a list of a few more rehabilitation hospitals I found in Texas. If you do live outside of the Houston area, here are more excellent options.

  • Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation (Dallas, check your local area) - The Traumatic Brain Injury Program has been designated a Model System by NIDRR, and is a cooperative effort between Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation, Baylor University Medical Center, and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. This program also allows patients to enroll in research which may improve the future outcomes of people who have sustained traumatic brain injury.
  • Sierra Providence Physical Rehabilitation Center (El Paso, check your local area) - Sierra Providence Physical Rehabilitation Hospital provides comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation to patients who have suffered from brain and spinal cord injury. With the goal of helping each and every patient return to maximum independence, and education and training for both patients and family members.
  • HealthSouth Rehabilitation Center (Austin, check your local area) - HealthSouth Rehabilitation Center is an inpatient facility that offers a network of physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech/language pathologists, psychologists, social workers, and other healthcare professionals for both brain and spinal cord injury patients.


Rehabilitation Hospitals in TexasI hope this information was helpful, thanks for checking out my Blog. I will try to cover the entire United States and bring all the excellent rehabilitation facilities to you. In the meantime please visit and go through my website, help support me and my Cuddle Spoons business.

Thank You ~ Ken V.

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