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Will someone step up?

I created a gift for you all from my fatal life changing experience. It hurts me every single day to wake up and watch my life that I’m living now just pass on by. I’m not getting any younger or healthier, I tried to share my gift to others so they would be aware of how unpredictable life really is and won’t have to go through the same things that I did without knowing that they lived their life to the fullest. Unfortunately living life to the fullest isn't on the top 10 list.

Sorry for speaking my honest inner feelings. My whole point of sitting in front of the computer was to write a letter to hopeful investors or entrepreneurs that will help me distribute & sell my Cuddle Spoons (

I have no other way to pitch my gift to you but to say: Cuddle Spoons are created for Couples & Singles who love Cuddling and eating Sweet Dessert Treats. They are fun, they bring happiness to all and they create those special memories that will last forever. “In my case these are the best memories that I have and now remember every day”, this is my experience in a gift for you to use in your life with your special person.

Any serious person interested in helping me share my gift to …?… we can talk more. I have lots of ideas that I can’t do on my own, I need help.

Thanks for listening ~ Ken Vantroba at

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