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Cuddle Spoons Now Come with Drop-Proof Wrist Cord lanyard.

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Cuddle Spoons Now Come with Drop-Proof Wrist Cord

The spoons are helpful eating aids for the disabled and elderly

FOR IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE - The spoons are helpful eating aids for the disabled, elderly and children.

BAYTOWN, Texas  May 6, 2021  Cuddle Spoons, the perfect eating aid for the disabled, elderly and learning to eat, have been improved by the addition of a drop-proof wrist cord.

With the drop-proof wrist cord, mothers teaching their children and toddlers to eat on their own don’t have to constantly bend over to pick the spoon up off the floor. The same is true for the elderly and physically disabled with limited abilities, said Ken Vantroba, who created Cuddle Spoons after a stroke in 1988 left him disabled. Vantroba has college degrees in engineering technology and in graphic design and multimedia, those skills helped designed his spoon.

Cuddle Spoons’ structure and curves make them easy to grasp, grip and hold for people who struggle with hand strength and control. In addition, the handle is rectangular, not round like most utensils.

Cuddle Spoons sets are also a fun keepsake gift for couples and singles in all types of relationships. The handles are curvy male and female figures; that appear to be cuddling side by side, the blue pillow is for males and a pink pillow are for females for resting on the sides of their heads. Above their heads is the shiny, stainless steel bowl. The inner cardboard backing is designed to be a bed with head and foot boards, this is where you place your names and date your memories.

Among the Cuddle Spoons designs are “Stars & Stripes,” which are military and law enforcement favorites. The Pink & Blue set - Male / Female are for the down home relaxed couple. Are most common set is the “Rainbow Free,” among the members of the LGBTQ community. We also create special limited sets to help raise funds for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts “Texas Strong,” and more needed charities.  

“I originally created my spoon gift for couples and singles, but now my spoons have been proven to be the perfect eating aid for people with all types of eating issues,” Vantroba said. “They bring fun and happiness to everyone who touches them and they also create those priceless memories that will last forever.”

Cuddle Spoons are made of stainless steel, are approximately 7 1/8 inches long, hand painted, dishwasher safe and come in a custom gift box with a clear protection cover to avoid scratches during shipping.

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Custom Feedback:

* AJ Kotlewski... “Omgoosssshhh, I love them! Can’t wait to use them with my special guy! Thank you Ken!!!!”

* Karen Moreau… “These spoons are great. My grandkids really enjoy using them.”

*Nurse Shannan's Product Review … “Cuddle Spoons are one of my favorite product reviews of the year. I just love these fun and innovative spoon sets!!”


Contact: Owner - Lynn A. Urlaub, Designer: Ken Vantroba

Company/Business: Cuddle Spoons, 630-673-6498

Address: 2400 French PL., Baytown Texas 77520

E-Mail: , Web:


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