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Santa's delight is a Hot cup of Reindeer Tea on a chilly winter Night.

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FREE Reindeer Tea, Santa Claus delight on a cold Christmas Night delivering gifts to the good boys and girls.

Since Cuddle Spoons is on Santa’s VIP List there are some extra benefits that we get that the other good boys & girls don’t get; that even includes Top Secret information that the big boys & girls don’t even know. My VIP ranking includes a shiny Snowflake Badge, a Monthly Newsletter on the Elf’s HOT toys for the coming year, a Special Podcast report of Rallies & Malls he will visit throughout the year near you; of course under disguise, and a FREE box of premium Reindeer Tea. One time he leaned over and whispered a secret in my ear. He said that he prefers drinking warm Reindeer Tea over that room temperature sour milk that sits out all night; the warmness of the tea keeps the joy and the jolly-jelly in his belly HO-HO-HO; especially on those cold winter nights. This year I’m going to sneak in a pack of Reindeer Tea with every set of Cuddle Spoons that you order. Maybe next year you will lucky enough to get your own Snowflake VIP Badge.

Merry Christmas to all ~ Ken V.  Order here:

 Cuddle Spoons is the only ever Fun/Practical Cuddling Couples Gift Set for all Relationships. ALSO the shape/design makes them The Perfect Adaptive Eating Aid for Children, Elderly and the Disabled.

My Crudenals: 2 College Degrees, Engineering Technology & Graphic Design - Multi Media.

My crudenals:

I'm a stroke survivor, I have 2 college degrees. One in Engineering Technology “CAD Design” and the other  in Graphic Design and Multimedia; both degrees were earned after my stroke.


Stars and Stripes, Pink and Blue, Rainbow Free - Cuddle Me Spoon sets. Couples / Relatiionship Favorite!


The length of each spoon is approximately 7 1/8 inches long with Custom gift box packaging – *Cuddle’s Cuddling Instruction sheet included.

Quality Materials - Stainless Steel; Thick metal not Cheap & USB Plastic *High Gloss/Mirror finish, Durable - Light Weight - Comfortable Shape - Well Balanced.

Great Flatware / Eating Aid for Teaching * Rehabilitation - Arm & Hand Control, Arthritis, Multiple sclerosis (MS), Stroke recovery, etc.

One of a Kind, Unique, Totally Original – We Mix-Match sets on request; Male/Male & Female/Female *Custom decals available on request.

*Dishwasher Safe! *Same Day Shipping! *SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!

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