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Yes I can change your life with my simple design.

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Cuddles aren't a medical spoon, their Better!Perfect eating aid for the Disabled, Elderly and Children.

For instance: If you have disability issues such as limited strength or movement in your hands or arms. Your child has a short attention span at meal time. If they can’t grip their spoon and keep dropping it.

If your elderly family member has arthritis or has a clubbed fist injury. 

For the Disabled, Elderly, Toddlers and older children, and couples who just want to have fun. I designed the prefect spoon for all - Cuddle Spoons are the perfect eating aid and they out rank any medical spoon issued by a physician, doctor or rehab specialist, and they are a fun gift for others.

My Crudenals: 2 College Degrees, Engineering Technology & Graphic Design - Multi Media.

My crudenals:

I'm a stroke survivor, I have 2 college degrees. One in Engineering Technology “CAD Design” and the other  in Graphic Design and Multimedia; both degrees were earned after my stroke.


Stars and Stripes, Pink and Blue, Rainbow Free - Cuddle Me Spoon sets. Couples / Relatiionship Favorite!

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