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What is your BEST bet? Crowd Funding or Crowd Awareness.

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What is your best bet? Crowd Funding or Crowd Awareness.

I tried the following funding platforms: Indiegogo, Crowdfunding, GoFundMe and a few more. Let me start by saying I’m an inexperienced business person who wants to be an entrepreneur, which leads me to my biggest problem… I needed to raise money to start my business. Crowd Funding was the only known option at that time so I tried them they didn’t help me as much as I thought; in other words it was quite painful. So now I have to think of another plan to get my business moving, let me try “Crowd Awareness”. This is why I feel it’s necessary to write this blog article; to save you from my mistakes & headaches and to open your eyes about another option other than crowd funding. I will share my funding experience about these sites and within minutes you will be able to decide for yourself your best bet for your business.

I always said to myself that “I wish I had someone to warn me about funding before I got taken”. FIRST let me tell you my short story: I’m a disabled person who had a life changing injury and has an important story to tell about my new life but I didn’t know how to tell it. One day I was drawing on paper and happened to design a fun unique product/gift for everyone to appreciate.

I started by taking my special person and other things that I enjoyed doing in my life and putting them together into one object. My goal was to show others how precious life is so don’t waste it or take life for granted, cherish the moment. I always refer to the classic movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  Well, it was a wonderful life before my injury.

After showing my Idea to others I was told that I needed to share it with the world, the encouragement felt so good that I was willing to pay anything to share my dream with the world.

I call my fun/unique and special gift “Cuddle Spoons”, over the years they have become so much more than a caring gift for couples.  They have become a very helpful eating aid for children learning how to hold a spoon to the elderly with arthritis and the disabled with eating issues. This is why it’s so important for me to spread the word about my creation “Cuddle Spoons”.

Sorry….… Once I start talking about my Cuddle Spoons it’s hard to stop.

Okay, back to the main subject…Crowd Funding or Crowd Awareness. Many of the sites that I mentioned earlier have “Scamming Trolls”; these are people or phony businesses pretending to help you BUT will charge you a fee. If you are new at this and trying to raise money/funds for your business – BE CAREFUL because these trolls WILL find you, soften you up and hook you for your money.

Once they get it your money you can kiss it Good Bye. In summary, BEWARE of Crowd Funding and try other options like Crowd Awareness for yourself. In my opinion Crowd Awareness brought you to my website, and that’s a GOOD THING! It will work for you too but without the scammers. I hope that my opinion article helped you understand the CONs of crowd funding. 

Now I’m asking you to please help me by supporting my business Cuddle Spoons at Even if you don’t purchase a set of spoons, please tell your friends about my site and warn them to be careful about crowd funding.


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